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polished, ONE - 1 -Tumble Polished Green Amazonite Stone -Madagascar - Cab or Cut Nice



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THE PHOTO is an EXAMPLE of the stones I have. I will pull random pieces from the bag I have.\r\rBeautiful Bright Green Amazonite Tumbled Stone -Assorted Shades of Green, to cut up and cab, or for wire wrapping, or using for other alchemy and art. The coloring is awesome in these. Can even be used for pendants. Each Piece will be a random pull from the bag I have. \r\rYou will not need to polish it, if you want it shiny, unless you want to cut and cab it, of course.\r\rPieces vary in size from about 1 x about 1-1/2 inches across. All are shades of a pretty green.\r\rPlease Convo me for requests of more than 1 piece at a time. I will create a custom Listing for you. Thanks!!, free form

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