Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise leather, GenuineTurquoise Statement Necklace Stone Tassel One Of A Kind Heirloom Jewelry Unique Wear With Everything Leather Wrapping No Catch



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Update your wardrobe with your favorite genuine turquoise stones in a fresh eye catching new design!I love turquoise any way, any how. I cobbled together turquoise beads of every shape and blue green variation, and threw in some onyx, silver and dark pearls for interest. There are so many turquoise beads in this necklace! The strands of turquoise wrap around the back of the neck in a stunning band. At collarbone level I wrapped the cords with the thinnest natural rawhide. I joined all four strands towards the bottom with dark brown deerskin to form a delicious cascading tassel.Very comfortable. No clasp. You could live in this necklace!28" + 4.5" tassel, blue green

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