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olive, Bakelite and Vermeil Repurposed Antique Post Earrings



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These are made with beautiful antique Bakelite discs from an old pair of broken earrings. After separating the discs from the broken clips they were attached to, I hammered, soldered and drilled these little vermeil posts and wire-wrapped the Bakelite pieces on using gold-filled wire. \rThey are a stunning green and yellow swirl that you can get lost in. Lovely and unique! Each piece has its own design due to the random mixture of the two colors. There are little spots of bright green and yellow though the mixture has an overall mustard hue.\rTotal length: about 1 3/4" long\rDiameter of post: 10mm (3/8")\rDiameter of Bakelite drop: 1 1/4", green

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