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enamel, Our Lady of Tears Bellano Antique Silver and Enamel Hand Painted Religious Medal



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Our Lady of Tears Bellano, Lezzeno Italy solid silver and enamel hand painted religious medal, appears to be 800/1000 silver. Approximately 24 mm, 4 grams. Late 18th/early 19th century. Inscription is \u201cBV di Lezzeno, Sopra Bellano\u201d (Italian) or \u201cBV (Blessed Virgin) of Lezzeno, Above Bellano\u201d(English). Lezzeno is a small village on the banks of Lake Como where a status of Our Lady was said to cry tears of blood in 1688. There is a small spot above the Blessed Virgin\u2019s head where the enamel coating has chipped a little. Shipping to continental US only., mary

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