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palm tree, Loteria (Mexican Bingo) Artisanal Charm Bracelet



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Loter\u00eda is a Mexican game of chance, similar to Bingo, but instead of using numbers on ping pong balls, Loter\u00eda relies upon images on a deck of cards. Each player works from a board with a grid of pictures; the caller pulls a card from the deck and announces it to the players who then mark it off with a chip or other marker (often pinto beans are used). The first player with four chips in a row, or any other specified pattern, shouts "Loter\u00eda!" and is the winner. This bracelet salutes that game of chance. It features Czech glass, stone, turquoise, lamp-work beads, acrylic flower beads, colored skull beads, and acrylic flowers, ceramic parrot, turquoise heart, lemon, enchanted mushroom, and more, in the festive colors of Mexico. Additionally are miniature reproductions of four Loter\u00eda cards as follows:El Pajaro (The Parrot) La Rosa (The Rose) La Mano (The Hans) El Pescado (The Fish) Pewter charms to complement these cards include a rose, fish, and 2 Milagros. At center is a stunning charm of the blessed virgin of Guadalupe.The miniature cards are all handmade by me out of hard, durable, but lightweight plastic. The image is one side only and coated with a protective matte sealer. It measures approximately 8 inches and is silver plate curb link with an easy-to-close toggle clasp. NOTE: Each item I offer is an individually handcrafted, miniature work of art and should be treated as such. Plastic charms, though coated with four layers of acrylic sealer are not waterproof, and because they are plastic should not be exposed to heat, steam, fire or flame. Do not wear in the bath, sauna, or when involved in sports., pinto beans

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