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I am introducing a new pin to the mystery quote line, namely this one of folksy, cantankerous, Atlanta attorney, Benjamin Matlock. Andy Griffith starred in the title role in this clever, Perry Mason-style legal drama that aired from September 23, 1986, to May 8, 1992, on NBC; and from November 5, 1992, until May 7, 1995, on ABC. Harvard educated and Georgia born and bred, he is known for his thrift and fondness for hot dogs.This clever pin is the perfect gift for the Matlock fan in your life. The fifth in a series of Detective Quote pins, it features a stylized version of Griffith's famous likeness and the quote, "I'd sooner eat a live chicken than be your lawyer."Made of a durable hard plastic, it is coated with a matte, acrylic sealer and measures approximately 1-1/4" x 1-3/4". A bar type pin is affixed to the back with jewelry cement. Wear it on shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats or affix to a purse or hat. Fun! This item comes professionally packaged and sealed in a clear envelope, perfect for gift giving. Great gift for a law student. Makes a great stocking stuffer!NOTE: Each item I offer is an individually handcrafted, miniature work of art and should be treated as such. This pin, though coated with a hard gloss sealer is water resistant, but not waterPROOF, and because it is plastic should not be exposed to heat, steam, fire or flame. Do not wear in the bath, sauna, or when involved in sports. Copyright Pattie Tierney Mystery Jewelry 2014, quotation

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