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Buddha Tassel Necklace - Orange Aventurinelong necklace, buddha necklacelong necklace, tassel necklacelong necklace, antiqued brass necklacelong necklace, buddha charm necklacelong necklace, gifts for her



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Buddha Tassel Necklace - Orange Aventurine, buddha necklace, tassel necklace, antiqued brass necklace, buddha charm necklace, gifts for herTOODLEBUNNY Collection A hand carved smiling Buddha pendant on this one of a kind necklace in orange aventurine holds a tassel of mixed antiqued brass chains with a repurposed brass charm. In addition wirewrapped turquoise and hessonite garnet details are also present. Orange Aventurine is considered a stone of good luck fortune and a manifestor of exciting new possibilities. It is sometimes called the whisper stone as it will aid you to overcome engaging in negative internal dialogue.Hung on an antiqued pewter loop bail on antiqued brass satellite chain. Length 28.5 chainAlmost 6 pendant drop from bailA Buddha pendant has many meanings attached to it to wade off evils and other dangers being the most common. It is believed that wearing Buddha ornaments attracts wealth health and good fortune when they are worn. They also believe that these ornaments enhance spirituality bring peace of mind and purify thoughts., one of a kind

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