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These spiritual protection necklaces are created and blessed by author and energy healer, Samantha Red Wolf. Samantha is a high vibrational energy healer, intuitive and energetic craftsman. She has written two books on the spirit world, and is the creator of The Keys to Freedom Energy Clearing System. These little necklaces\u2019 frequencies are raised to very high levels with help from Archangels and Atlantean strengthening energy and are blessed for the following purposes:\ud83d\udc7b\ud83d\udc80 Protection from negative entities (ghosts, dark spirits, earthbound spirits etc.)\ud83d\ude1ePsychic protection (your energy being drained or affected negatively by other people and/or their emotions)\ud83d\udd0cProtection from energy cords being formed to you without your consent. Important note: All incarnate beings are here on Earth to learn and grow. Some experiences, though unpleasant, are vital for us- in order to learn and even be able to help others in similar situations. Please be aware that the necklace will not stand in the way of these lessons, if needed. \ud83d\udd4aWing pendant is .925 sterling silver. Chain is zinc alloy. Choice of chain or soft, light brown string. (Sterling silver chains coming soon to the shop).Samantha\u2019s books on the paranormal can be found on Etsy and Amazon under \u201cGhosts Like Bacon.\u201dSamantha can also be found on Facebook at, ghost protection

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