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vegan earrings, Upcycled Repurposed BERNIE SANDERS Earrings Vegan Leather Handmade



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thanks for checking out the amazing handmade creations from\rTiffyPop loves to cut and make her Vegan Leather, handcut, repurposed rubber earrings. They are light weight pieces that can make a big impression! Designed from post agriculture waste, that has no proper recycling channel, vegan leather is a rubber based upcycled material that can be washed with soap and water, doesnt require hyper maintenance. It does however offer bold statement jewelry!Which is exactly what we are looking for in this primary season !! Fresh off the Nevada Win comes some election wear to show your pride ! #notmeUS Is taking the country by storm.This listing is for a pair of Bernie Sanders RED VINYL vegan leather earrings in 1inch. Pictured up close and bottom. Custom sizes of course availableWe also believe that everyone deserves $15 per hour and so to help push that slogan/legislation, that is what we have set our pricing for all earrings. Our family donates 27 percent from every sale to the cause !!!These earrings are an instant classic and bold political and personal statement!thanks for your support!!\rThis set is about an inch and is cut on a cricut in \rHung with jump rings and stainless steel ear wires\r\, vegan earrings

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