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Sherlock Holmes Mystery Charm Dangle



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For those of you who aren\u2019t big fans of bracelets (I get that), but still need to have your mystery bling (I get that too), here is the latest \u201cmust have\u201d in my line of mystery jewelry \u2014 the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Charm Dangle. Featuring an image of our favorite crime-solving sleuth and resident of 221B, along with the cover of Lippincott\u2019s, and the cover of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Joining these are pewter charms of a British flag, pipe, and microscope. Additionally there are a wide variety of India and Czech glass beads and dangles in black and reds. Essentially, you get half of a charm bracelet in dangle form. Clip to your purse, the zipper of a jacket, your key chain, the rear view mirror of your car, or anything else that you can imagine. It measures approximately 4 inches long.NOTE: Each item I offer is an individually handcrafted, miniature work of art and should be treated as such. Plastic charms, though coated with four layers of acrylic sealer are not waterproof, and because they are plastic should not be exposed to heat, steam, fire or flame. Do not wear in the bath, sauna, or when involved in sports

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