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Filigree Cuff Braceletfiligree bracelet, Verdigris Cufffiligree bracelet, Patina Cuff Braceletfiligree bracelet, Brass Filigree Cufffiligree bracelet, Filigree Braceletfiligree bracelet, Filigree



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Filigree Cuff Bracelet, Verdigris Cuff, Patina Cuff Bracelet, Brass Filigree Cuff, Filigree Bracelet, FiligreeDelicate & detailed filigree squares form this unique hand rolled bracelet. Cuff measures about 7 inches long and 1.75 inches wide which will accommodate most average wrist sizes. Two small powerful magnet clasps at the ends make it effortless to put it on and off your wrist and so comfortable to wear.Beautiful hand applied verdigris custom patinas embellished with hand applied gold highlights. Also available in heavy overlays, of 24K gold, sterling silver & rose gold-----------------------------------------Instagram \u25b6\ufe0e @urbanroseNYC-----------------------------------------, patina cuff

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