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Our Lobster Designs Heart speaks of our love of color, texture and of LOBSTER itself. The lobster is an icon of Maine. It is a beautiful statement piece that measures 1 inch across and 2 inches long and the bezel is finished in a .999 silver-plating. The pendant comes with an 18" silver-plated cable chain. As each piece is unique, your piece may vary slightly. The entire carapace, or back shell, of a single lobster is cooked and crushed with a mortar and pestle to create enough shell to fill these amazing and bold pieces. The final sample picture shows the same heart using oyster shell (white) and mussel shell (blue). If you are interested in these, please send a convo.Each piece of Lobster Designs jewelry comes packaged in a red box. The interior lid of the box contains an information card specific to your piece- information about the lobsterman who caught the actual lobster used in your creation! You can then enjoy reading a short biography about "your" lobsterman on our Facebook page: Lobster Designs or on our website: the men and women who rely on this crustacean for their livelihoods and the small fishing villages all along the coast that depend upon the fishing industry\u2026 From the people who love to eat lobster, whether native \u201cMainers\u201d or \u201cfrom away\u201d or for those who fondly recall a special summer lobster bake on the rocky coast\u2026 This piece represents it all-the best that Maine has to offer!, heart

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