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soft leather, Animal Print Hair on Leather Wristband with Black Stripes



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2" Wide White Hair on, animal print with black stripes, Leather Cuff Bracelet Wristband, also available in water buffalo hide, (brown only, with a distressed look; and hair on animal print, white with metallic accents. Soft, thick leather. Wrap your wrist with comfort and style.Features 4 snaps Length is adjustable by 1" , for example if you order a 7" length the bracelet can so be fastened at 8"IMPORTANT MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS: I recommend to order the length according to wrist measurement plus 1/2" for wearing ease.If you are measuring another bracelet for size, please measure from fastener to fastener, not from end to end. Do not add wearing ease if measuring another bracelet.ORDERING TIP: measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape. Not too tight or loose, just to encircle the wrist. Read the measurement at the tab end. That is your wrist size. Add 1/2" for wearing ease. IE, if your wrist measures 7", order a 7 1/2" bracelet. Get a friend or family member to help if you have difficulty holding and reading the tape.For a You Tube Tutorial on how to measure your wrist for a custom bracelet, follow this link: measure carefully. These are made to order and may not be returned or exchanged because the wrong size was ordered.Please note natural variations in the color and surface may occur, the hair on hides with not be exactly as shown, as the print is random.handmade in the USA by Sharleen Newland of Shaterra, bracelet

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