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Petoskey StoneSo, what is a Petoskey stone? It is a fossil colonial coral that lived in the warm Michigan seas during the Devonian time around 350 million years ago. The name Hexagonaria (meaning six sides) This type of fossil is found only in the rock strata called the Gravel Point Formation. This formation is part of the Traverse Group of the Devonian Age. During the Devonian time, Michigan was quite different. Geographically, what is now Michigan was near the equator. A warm shallow sea covered the State. This warm, sunny sea was an ideal habitat for marine life.The pendant measures .985 in tall by 1.621 wideAll images are shot under studio light conditions to bring out all of the natural colors and details as possible. We can not be responsible for customer screen colors and settings that might make item appear different.Note that props and wooden items in the images are not included in the sale of the item in the description unless stated in the description. (An example is the round wooden boxes.), yoopers

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