Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Kingman Turquoiseturquoise necklace, Denim Lapisturquoise necklace, and Blue Lapis Lazuli Necklace with Touches of Sterling Silver - Striking Southwest Style - 17 1/2"



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This is a beauty! A mix of wonderful blue turquoise from the Kingman mine here in Arizona, some subtle blue denim lapis, dark blue lapis, and Bali sterling silver. Starting in the middle of the necklace, I used a mix of 8mm rondelle shape Kingman turquoise, and 6mm denim lapis. Then a small stretch of just the 8mm turquoise. Followed by alternating 7mm dark blue round lapis beads and 2mm blue Kingman heishi beads. Each section is separted by a 6mm Bali sterling silver bead. Finished off with a sturdy sterling silver lobster claw. Please take a look at the last photo where I have placed a dime next to the necklace so you can see the size of the beads.The length is 17 1/2 inches., kingman turquoise

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