Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This antiqued copper dragonfly necklace sports sparkling faceted peridot eyes and a black Ethiopian Opal body with brilliant green sparkles. It hangs from a matching antiqued copper chain.It's a larger statement necklace, but airy. It isn't heavy and is easy to dress up or down.I made this dragonfly pendant by weaving fine copper wire around a sturdier handmade frame using a tight weave for the body and a net weave to imitate the lacy texture of dragonfly wings.Appropriately enough for the name, the antiquing gives this wire wrapped pendant a timeless feel and emphasizes the different weaves and textures of the wire wrapping.The Ethiopian opal in the thorax is a treated stone. For most black Ethiopian opals, sugar and acid are used to darken the base of the stone to emphasize the characteristic color patterns in the stone. In this case it's a striking very fine pinprick pattern of sparkles that's mostly a wonderful scarab green with the occasional flash of red and gold, making this stone perfect for a dragonfly! Its faceted half moon peridot gemstone eyes twinkle and emphasize the dramatic green of the body.(For those keeping track opal is October's birthstone and peridot is August's!)The pendant is just over 2 1/2" tall by 3 3/8" wide. The coordinating 18" chain closes with a toggle clasp.Comes gift boxed, just let me know if you'd like it gift wrapped too! (Metallic blue or metallic gold paper, ivory or burgundy ribbon.)Shop home: https://www./shop/, wire wrap

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