Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Modern Medicine Woman Infinity Necklace 21 inches longHello Beautiful!Thanks for visiting my little spot of sunshine on the internet.I made this fiber art necklace by hand in my studio/boutique located on the infamous 300 Block of North Queen Street, in art loving Lancaster, Pennsylvania.I really enjoy making my fun loving designs for you, and pay close attention to all the details and many steps involved in making your purchase special.Here are the nitty gritty details.....*wool blend, tea dyed cording with decorative hand stitching. *adorned with fiber bundles, wool weave it square, and a Lemurian seed crystal.* All embellishments are securely sewn on by hand.*I absolutely loved making this.For payment I accept credit and debit cards through Etsy direct check out.please enter my shop here. https://www./shop/ilovemyauntdebbiewww.myauntdebbie.comfacebook - @myauntdebbiepinterest - you like to receive a monthly newsletter from Me, that will crack you up, let you in on my new designs and inspirations, throw you some sweet deals, and basically restore your faith in humanity? Then go ahead and CLICK!!!!, empress

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