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handmade earring, Vegan Leather Upcycled Earrings Triple Tassle Artist Designed Hand Painted



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Thanks for checking out this amazing listing from Www.lovepeaceanddye.comThis is a new set of Vegan Leather Earrings. They are a bold yet simple cut with three handmade tassels on each earring. Various color hues can be requested. These are Black or white but can also e made in red. Artist designed and cut on a cricut.These are a light weight upcycled vinyl available in black or white. Hand painted in gold, these are amazing, one of a kind earrings. Super durable as well!These are 2 inches long, on an ear wire.Super light weight, an upcycled rubber, cleaned and redirected from a landfill to your jewelry box!!Thanks for saving the planet!, tassel earring

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