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holiday, Personalized Message in a Bottle Necklace- Recycled- Upcycled



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Send your sweetie, bestfriend, Mom or just about anyone a gift they can keep forever!***These bottles have been rescued from the trash at work (veterinary office) and made into beautiful pieces to be enjoyed forever. Each vaccines bottle has been soaked in disinfectant and is perfectly safe.*******You will receive one glass bottle (1 \u00bd\u201d x \u00be\u201d), a ball style chain, one beaded cork (Bead color of your choic ) and 5 small strips of paper. Why 5 you ask? Well because if you are anything like me you will mess up the first 4 times you try to write your message and get it just perfect the 5th! All of this will come to you in a small tulle jewelry bag.All you have to do is add your own sentiment to the strip and slide it back in the bag (throw away the other 4 strips so your recipient thinks you got it perfect the first time!) and give it to your loved one!All they have to do is read the sentiment, cry tears of joy at your personal message and all the thought that you put into their gift, then roll up the tiny piece of paper(pattern side out) and slide it into their bottle! They can put a tiny drop of glue on the cork before they put it in if they want to make it permanent. They don\u2019t have to though it will be pretty snug.A tiny tag will be in the bag that explains the rolling and capping process!, upcycled

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