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meditation, Mala Sun/Moonstone with Carnelian



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Gorgeous hand-knotted mala with 108 beads, consisting of bright sandalwood-colored wooden beads and orange-brown carnelian beads. The Guruperle is a moonstone, opposite in the neck area there are still 2 sunstone beads incorporated, the tassel is bright orange.The carnelian gives stability, courage and energy. It not only lifts the mood, but also helps to face demands or problems through solution-oriented thinking. In addition, this healing stone supports the willingness to help the environment and promotes community spirit and idealism. Karneol again gives joy of life and vitality.The moonstone strengthens intuition and intensifies feelings. As a result, the moonstone increases empathy and promotes love. Moonstone works particularly well for women. He gives them vitality, cheerfulness and balance and gives them a youthful charisma. Even during menstruation or pregnancy. The moonstone is also able to relieve fears.The sunstone soothes the mind and has a balancing effect on the psyche. The sunstone gives confidence and allows to see the pleasant things of life and to overcome depression, anxiety and worries.The total length is approx. 44 cmThe Mala is hand-knotted with a lot of love and care, charged with positive energy should give the wearer a lot of joy.The mala is sent in an organzas bag.To charge the gems, put Mala in the sun.The gemstone beads are a natural product and can differ minimally, this is not a faulty product but each unique in itself.Each mala can also be customized on request, just write to me., chain

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