Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

girdles, Belt "Lightning" with UV-active beads in yellow



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The **hip belt in yellow and white** is 90 cm long and is held with a **knebel closure in silver**.The main chain consists of yellow beads that glow **in UV light** and white oval glass beads. There are more chains with other white glass beads and **special glass beads that glow in the dark and in the black light**.**With this stylish belt you are guaranteed to fall on every party!****_100% hautfreundlich_****Dimensions**Length: 90 cm* * Materials * *Perlon threadGag closure in silverUV light active glass beads in yellowluminous (UV light,darkness) glass beads in white-transparentGlass beads in whiteSqueezing beads in silver**Production type**Handmade, glow in the dark

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