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hand made, Native American Styled Hand Crafted Solid Copper Bracelet and Ring Set BEARS #CSet-001



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This is a HAND CRAFTED from a Copper sheet CUFF BRACELET. It is a 1/4" WIDE cuff. The Solid Copper Bracelet is HAND STAMPED with Native American Symbols. THIS IS STAMPED WITH WALKING BEARS. THE BRACELET HAS BEAR FOOT PRINTS LEADING TO THE ENDS. It will fit a Womens Large or a Man's MEDIUM Wrist. The Pictures should represent the size and opening. EACH PURCHASE IS FOR ONE (1) OF THE CUFFS LISTED. The size of the cut sheet I formed it from was 6" x 1/4" The Bracelet Has Many differant Design Stamps and should stand out well with the DEEP symbols. It has been polished. Any Questions Please E-MAIL me. #CSet-001, hand stamped designs

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