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Mermaid dreams and seaweed wishes....I think everyone wishes that a special oyster would show up on their shores with a pearl gift inside......These wonderful gems of the sea are hand sculpted font and back ....cast to be worn very comfortably,they have smooth edges and low curving profiles. The Sterling silver is crisp and bright & enhances the freshwater pearl tucked inside. The earrings are reversible but its nice to show off the lovely pearls they are holding The oyster earrings measure 8 x 12mm or 3/8" x 1/2" . They are made of solid sterling silver with a bright high polished finish. The 4mm freshwater pearls are a quality/good luster cream white .The earrings also come in a Bronze version.The oyster reminds us that there is often more than meets the eye.... Domestic shipping is USPS first class, delivery confirmation & insured, beach jewelry

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