Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

adjustable, Belt "Orient" made of pearl pots and chains



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The **hip belt in red-orange-silver** is adjustable from 90 cm to 98 cm and comfortable **easy to wear**.The **intricately braided beaded braids** line up with **chains of glass beads in red-orange and red-silver**. On this **large textured glass beads in wine red** and **playful metal plates in silver** are attached, which make the belt appear in the **oriental begging style**. The belt is closed with a **large metal click clasp and metal rings in silver**.**This fancy belt peps up your Basic-Lokk****_100% hautfreundlich_****Dimensions**Length: adjustable from 90-98 cm* * Materials * *Perlon threadMetal closures and rings in silverGlass rocailles in wine red, red, orangeGlass beads in red-silver, red-orange, wine redMetal plates in silverWarp pins in silverMetal cap in old silver**Production type**Handmade, silver

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