Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rod of Asclepius & Scarab pin representing Life and Healthscarab, Medicalscarab, Nursescarab, Doctor. Hard enamelscarab, Amuletscarab, Badgescarab, Hat Lapel



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The Life & Health pin is an amulet for our life and health and a gentle reminder to take care of our physical health daily.The scarab symbolizes rebirth, renewal, creating life out of nothing. The Ankh on the scarab is also symbolic of life. It's that life the scarab and Ankh symbolizes that we first must start with before we can have good health or anything else. Scarabs are also seen as protective. The snake on the needle is the Rod of Asclepius which is the universal symbol used by medical facilities. It is the symbol of health and healing.The red and blue droplets represent blood and water. They are essential elements of life.50mmBackstamp with Artist's name2 rubber clutchesSealed in Plastic Bag (no backing card included)Perfect gift for nurses, doctors, medical students, anyone in the health and wellness field., enamel pin

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