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lava, Rainbow Lava Chakra Bracelet



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\ud83d\ude0dI am loving the way these are turning out so Dainty and colorful!\ud83d\udda44 mm Chakra bracelet with lava and gemstones!\ud83d\udda4 use the lava to carry your favorite oil or perfume\ud83d\udda4 unisex made to order! If not specified, the bracelet will be made 7 inches long!Gemstones:\u2764\ufe0fRed Carnelian\ud83e\udde1Orange Carnelian\ud83d\udc9bYellow Agate\ud83d\udc9aGreen Aventurine\ud83d\udc99Blue Agate\ud83d\udc99Blue Banded Agate\ud83d\udc9cPurple Amethyst Buy 2 and they\u2019re only $15 a piece!, gifting

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