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--- ABOUT THE COLLECTION ---We adopted Luna on December 14, 2017 and 4 days later we took her to meet our vet and to look at the leg she was favoring. Being a stray, at some point as a puppy, she broke her leg in two places. One fracture healed, albeit awfully, and the other break would never heal.Luna's name came to me as soon as I saw her beautiful golden eyes. I designed a custom pet tag for her collar just before we went to the vet and found out about her broken leg. The idea to create a collection based on her tag came to me while we waited to find out the results of her X-rays. It will help us "give back\u201d to Nuzzles & Co. (where we adopted her from) who is making it possible for Luna to have a playful, pain-free doggy life. We hope it will help other dogs and cats find their forever homes \ud83d\udc36\ud83c\udfe0\ud83d\udc31** 10% of the price from each "Little Luna" collection piece that is sold will be donated to **Everything in the "Little Luna" collection is handmade, one at a time, by one person...Luna's "mom" each piece will be unique and vary slightly.--- ABOUT THIS PIECE ---The \u201cLittle Luna\u201d moon is hand drawn and hand-sawn from 22g Sterling silver sheet and mounted on a layer of 22g Sterling silver which sits on top of a 22g Sterling silver and measures 1\u201d in diameter. The band is a beefy 4g thick and a super comfortable half-round shape on the outside and flat on the inside. It is stamped with little stars. All details are freehand hand-stamped. Size US 8.5 - take into account the thickness of the band if you are in between sizes. It fits me true to size.** This item's price includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping **(An $8.30 value. Domestic orders only.), rescue dog

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