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Mini Gemstone Bracelethowlite, Mini Crystal Bracelethowlite, Gemstone Bracelet Stackhowlite, Bloodstone Bracelethowlite, Howlite Bracelethowlite, Tiger's Eye Bracelet



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This Mini Gemstone Bracelet is a beautiful set which includes 3 beautiful 4mm beaded bracelets that can be worn together or in their own. Their stretchy durable design makes them comfortable and sturdy enough to wear everyday.Peace Mini StackTiger's Eye-Protection, Integrity and groundingHowlite-Stess reduction, decreases painBloodstone-Centering, Adaptability and helps to reduce anxietyEach bracelet comes in an organic cotton pouch with gemstone instruction/care cardMini Stacks are 10% off individual mini price, mini gemstone

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