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forged cuff, Extra thick Wrought IRON Steel Bracelet



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This listing is for 1 cuff bracelet of twisted 6.5mm steel. These cuff bracelets were heated to near melting point then turned and coaxed into distinct patterns that result from the twisting. Each is one of a kind- unique to itself. You will receive one that is similar to those in photographs.The edges have been polished smooth to reveal shiny highlights. (when worn together they clink and make a wonderful sound)The bracelet is medium thickness, subtle yet bold looking. This steel will keep its shiny finish and will look great indefinitely if worn frequently. ( the metal likes to be touched. ) Hand forged iron cuff measures6.5mm thick , 8 3/4" long with a 1 5/8" gap to slide wrist into. (So that would mean a total of10.5" around for a larger sized wrist)In last photos :I offer 3 different size cuffs in my shop.... For size comparision only :Last photo is the 3 sizes of iron cuffs I offer in my shop. For this listing it us far right largest one................................. Also the last 2 pix of a single cuff is for a slightly smaller, large gauge cuff thats in my collection..they are all unique when I make them and this one came about a touch on smaller side . The one smaller cuff ,is same thickness but for a smaller size wrist at 8" total ( metal measuring 6 3/4" with 1 1/4" gap)PLEASE SPECIFY if you want the smaller size cuff otherwise the larger one will be shipped. (This cuff would suit a medium ladies , small mens wrist.), steel bracelet

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