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Catholic chapelchestnut, natural wood boxwood beads and antique silver metal cross



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This rosary is entirely made by hand, pearl after pearlsIt is composed of pretty boxbed beads. The beads are medium-dark, glossy and oval-shaped, olive-shaped.The dimensions of the beads are: 7 x 5 mmThe central bead is carved wood of about 10 mmIt is a rosary or a Roman Catholics composed of 55 pearlsIn detail 5 tens and five beads with crossThe cross is a Talavera cross made of silver metal (silver 990/1000).pretty cross influenced by Mexican folk art. decorated with floral motifs inspired by the art of the famous pottery of Talavera (Mexico). The patterns are embossed on the front and flat on the back.Height: 29.00 mmWidth: 21.00 mmOrigin: United StatesBrand: TierracastHeight of the Rosary 72 cmThis model is unique its realization took 2 hours and 30Beware, the setting and brightness of your screen can change the colors of the photos. It is therefore possible to have slight differences between the photo of your screen and the obje, christian

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