Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Eclipse Necklace: Mediumfor her, Eclipse Souvenirfor her, Total Solar Eclipse Jewelryfor her, Great American Eclipse Souvenirfor her, Sun and Moon Necklacefor her, Eclipse2017



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A silver illustration of the moon slowly covering the sun and creating a total solar eclipse, I've made this necklace to celebrate the phenomenon of the 2017 eclipse that will pass across the entire USA. The eclipse is happening in totality where I live in Wyoming and in my excitement I've been making jewelry to commemorate these stellar bodies.This pendant is lightweight and a mixture of texture and polished surfaces. The polished circle represents our bright sun and the darkened cratered circle represents our beautiful moon. This is a long lasting total eclipse souvenir to remember where you spent the eclipse day. Each one is handmade so there will be slight variations. Available in three sizes: Giant, Medium, and Dwarf.Silver on silver chain, approximately 18" in length.Happy Eclipsing!, necklaces

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