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CABOCHON DESCRIPTION*You will receive a 40 g lot from the quality cabs picturedGreat potential for jewellery making (ready to set), craft projects or just to keep as a display collection.7-8 cabs per lot, depending on weight and size of individual cabsEach cab measures approx. 10 - 70 mm (length) Coins shown for scale only!The photograph shows size is 40 X 25 mm each and weight is Approx 42 gram CHRYSOCOLLAOriginally found in Eliat, Israel; most of our material comes from Nascar, Peru; where\u2028 Adam worked direct with the Peruvian miners. Chrysocolla also can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Transvaal.A bi-product of the copper industry Chrysocolla is made up of many minerals including Malachite, quartz, gem silica (opal) and copper. This stone forms alongside bodies of copper ore, and copper impurities are to thank for its fantastic colouring. Other copper-bearing minerals such as malachite, azurite, cuprite and turquoise can form and fuse with chrysocolla, resulting in some extremely interesting and beautiful mixtures of blues and greens, plus mottled/swirling patterns.*Please note, to keep our prices great, we have used a stock photograph. We feel it represents the item you will receive fairly. Remember we have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied - see our free returns policy. If you would like an exact photograph of the product you will receive we can offer this at an additional \u00a34.00/$5.00 - just contact us to arrange., big size

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