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I have for sale a Pair of Sikhism 'Khanda stud earrings' black colour.They are made of high quality steel. Hand polished for a sparkling shine.The size is 8mm*12mm.They are securely tightened from the back.They are unisex. one may be worn by male, two for females.In the center is the Khanda, the double-edged sword, used by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh to prepare Amrit to initiate the Sikhs. Khanda has cutting edge on both sides indicative of two swords fused together representing Bhagti and Shakti (spiritual and temporal powers), giving birth to \u201cThe Khalsa\u201d, who is a saint-soldier (Sant-Sipahi), the saint meaning scholarly in knowledge of Gurbani and soldier meaning martial in spirit.To sumarise, the Sikh national Emblem, reminds the Sikhs that they are warriors, they should take Pahul (Amrit), become \u2018Khalsa\u2019 i.e., The ultimate form of the Sikh, keep Guru Ka Langar going so that no body sleeps hungry, protect the weak and hapless, fight injustice and oppression, wherever it takes place, the victory will be theirs: \u2018Deg-Teg-Fateh\u2019.There are three different items used in a Khanda, which also have a symbolic meaning:A double-edged sword called a Khanda which is in the centreA Chakkar which is circularTwo single-edged swords, or kirpans, are crossed at the bottom and sit on either side of the Khanda and Chakkar.In the symbol the sword to the left represents truth, and the sword to the right represents the willingness to fight for what is right- dharma (religion). The circle in the middle denotes the one God, never beginning and never ending., black

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