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antique harmonica, Antique Miniature Harmonica Necklace "Music" Japan Mini Working Musical Instrument



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Necklace comprised of a rare antique miniature "Music" harmonica. Made in Japan, this little harmonica has charming wear from years of use and a strikingly bright red reed. With 4 holes, the harmonica plays 8 tones and is ready for bringing a bit of musical cheer wherever you may be!Harmonica stands 1 7/8' and hangs from a 24 inch silver plated chain and wire clasp. I came across this little vintage musical treasure at an Estate collection. Vintage wear from use adds to antique charm of the piece \u2014 just think of the stories it might tell if it could speak.Thanks so much for taking a peek and please have a look around the rest of the shop: contrary.., mini

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