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Please read. The following information should answer all your questions about this pendant. Breed-specific jewelry is a novel way to show off your favorite dog breed, it also makes a great present for the dog lovers on your gift list. In my many years of making and selling breed-specific jewelry I have heard more times that I can count that, I becomes the wearers favorite piece of jewelry.My pendants are made with a very high-quality solid sterling silver. I put a satin finish on the breed study then I polish highlights on the study and put a mirrored finish on the frame which make my breed studies visually pop with this pendant. Everything that I make, I make to last so you can be assured that it will not break or fall apart.This small solid sterling silver Vizsla head study on a heart frame pendant with a medium bail is made and ready to ship so I can ship it right out to you.Chains are not included in the price of this pendant. I picture all my pendants on a chain so you can see what it looks like.My pictures do not do my work justice. Jewelry is one of the most difficult subjects to photograph and because of its shine it picks up lots of different reflections so keep in mind that if you kind of like the pictures of this pendant you will really love this pendant once it is in your hands.For you to determine the size of this pendant have pictured it on a graph and each square is 1/4 of an inch or 6.5mm so of course 4 squares is 1 inch or 26mm also with the pictures that I have provided, you will see that my studies are not 3-dimensional but what are called 3/4 studies and you can also see what the back of this pendant my studies are not flat. Copyrights. Many years of work went into developing my breed studies and designs and my breed studies and designs are all copyrighted. Any infringement will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law., animal jewelry

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