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steel, 1 medium thick Wrought IRON Steel Bracelet



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This listing is for 1 Bangle of twisted 6mm steel. These cuff bracelets were heated to near melting point then turned and coaxed into distinct patterns that result from the twisting. Each is one of a kind- unique to itself. You will receive one that is similar to those in photographs.The edges have been polished smooth to reveal shiny highlights. (when worn together they clink and make a wonderful sound)The bracelet is medium thickness, subtle yet bold looking. This steel will keep its shiny finish and will look great indefinitely if worn frequently. ( the metal likes to be touched. )sizes vary from 6.50 to 6.75"" total length (for medium ladies , small mens wrist.)For size comparison only:Last photo is of the 3 different size iron cuffs offered in my shop. This listing is for one similar to center cuff., cuff

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