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ammolite necklace, Ammolite jewelry pendant "Downton Abbey style"--large gem in sterling silver.



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For those that admired the timeless elegance shown in the wonderful "Downton Abbey" series--here is a pendant that evokes that era with great impact.The ammolite:This is a gorgeous large 18x13mm A+ ammolite that radiates two strong colours and a hint of a third.This beauty will be noticed clear across the "Abbey"The setting:A lovely and very elegant setting of sterling silver that evokes the Victorian era.The lady that wears this should be prepared to answer many questions as ammolite is still so rare that many have yet to see it.Not likely any one in your circle will have anything like this or even be able to identify the gem--Ammolite is that rare---many have yet to see it!I have the good fortune to live where top grade ammolite is mined and am able to select the very best stones right off the cutters tables before they fill orders to the general public.This is why the quality of gems offered in this shop is consistently the best available anywhere.NBIn this shop you always get the exact item you ordered\u2014no substitutions as done on TV sales shops etc. Most silver set Ammolite you see in shops,TV shopping channels and in cruise ships and their Caribbean, Mexican and Alaskan ports of call, where a lot of Ammolite is sold at sky high prices contain lower grade Ammolites as they reserve their best grades for gold.I prefer to set top grade gems in both silver and gold alike so that my clients are assured that they are getting the very best gems no matter what metal they choose,and offer them at very reasonable prices--often half of bricks and mortar stores, cruise liner retail or TV sellers. I find that there is a much greater appreciation for silver now that gold has gone stratospheric however I also stock pieces for those who love goldA note about my listing images.All my images are taken under professional OTT daylight corrected bulbs in order to accurately show un retouched colours.Viewing these ammolites under different light sources will result in different colours--all still beautiful--but different.I have received many positive remarks about the accuracy of my images and products like these from a repeat buyers:I received the ring today and it is beautiful. Your picture/description is right on. It is a gorgeous ammonite stone and the setting is perfect. Thank you very much.--BT--Antioch Tennessee.Hello :I received both of my items and they are absolutely beautiful! I will definitely order from you again in the future and recommend you to my family & friends.Thank you again for your help and patience!Regards,FiorellaGRADING\u2014Just so you know.The ammolite industry has yet to fix on a uniform grading system however the following is accepted until it is.Grade AA\u2026.Three or more colours.Bright.Grade A+\u2026.Two colours\u2014Bright.Grade A \u2026..One colour\u2014 Bright.Grade A- \u2026. Dull.Very darkThe top three grades is all we use\u2026 it makes lovely high quality jewelry,the last grade does not.We don\u2019t use it.A very large amount of ammolite of Grade A- is being bought up by Asian interests,set in plated settings and sold as fine jewelry.Caveat Emptor. FENG SHUI The popularity of ammolite has grown over the last few years, since renowned Feng Shui master Edward Kui Ming Li began extolling its virtues to his followers.He calls it the \u201cMillennium Stone\u201d and the most important and powerful of stones. Said to promote the flow of \u201cchi\u201d throughout the body, enhance well-being, and reduce toxins in those that own it or wear it.Ammolite can exhibit up to seven colours\u2014each bring a certain benefit, such as wealth, wisdom, health, growth, or energy. Feng shui practitioners call it the \u201cseven-colour\u201d prosperity stone.\u201d Buy it for its beauty----- but you just may enjoy additional benefits too!, ammolite jewelry

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