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Sterling Silver wonderful wish bean 1/2" x 3/8". 1/8" thick. This medium sized bean is solid silver on its own 20" sterling chain. Its just right sized,sweet and smooth. \r\rThis design was hand carved in wax first, then through lost wax process of casting was cast into its silvery form. I fell in love with the idea of a wish bean and went crazy making 3 different sizes.\r \rA couple beans together is fun . Maybe you could start a little bean family. Put different sized beans together. \r Maybe you have someone special you want to think of?\rBeans are good things, and make great gifts for brides maids and friends......for birthdays, holidays, mothers day.\rSeeds are wonderful things, they hold mystery and promise. Beans are often held in pockets as good luck. They represent hope and potential. \rThis lucky bean can be for you or someone special, as a gift.\rIve also included a photo of the other sized beans i offer.\r The bean featured here is second from the left -the medium sized bean.\r\rCHAIN STYLE HAS CHANGED TO NEW ONE PICTURED ON BLUE BACK GROUND. Or can be seen in more detail in my shop or this address:\r\rhttp://www./view_listing.php?listing_id=8981520\r\rMAGIC BEAN! LUCKY BEAN! HAPPY WISH BEAN!, accessory

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