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verre eglomise, Georgian 18K Gold Verre Eglomise Neoclassical Pendant



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This exceptional verre eglomise rock crystal panel depicts a maiden in classical dress playing with a hound. She sits on a plinth in a clearing with cypress trees in the background. The scene is backed with grayish mother-of-pearl that seems to create a sky of swirling clouds. The reverse of the pendant is simply finished with pale grayish-blue silk. The plaque is simply mounted in an 18K yellow gold frame with a bail at the top. Verre eglomise was most often used in mourning jewelry. The maiden seated on a broken column suggests the death of a woman early in life and the dog with a wagging tail suggests loyalty and the value of loving the departed. The unusually playful interaction of the dog and the maiden, the latter with a delicately painted smiling face, is a refreshing depiction. The pendant was found in France, but the absence of a hallmark suggests England as a more likely place of origin. Tested and guaranteed 18K gold.\u2022 Origin: England or France, ca. 1800.\u2022 Condition: very good, a 1/8" flake on one edge of the front crystal and a couple of 1/8" faded areas to black border, all visible only with strong, raking light.\u2022 Size: 1-3/8" x 1-3/4" (excluding bail).VIEW ALL PENDANTS & CHARMS OUR HOMEPAGE FOR NEW ARRIVALS US FOR PREVIEWS & PROMOTIONSFacebook, georgian pendant

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