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charm bracelet, The Legendary Hoolala Lucky Bag NEW for 2020 No.3



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The legendary Hoolala Lucky Bag is back! And all new for 2020.Each lucky bag will contain something from my collections and each piece is worth a minimum of \u00a328 GBP. Everyone that purchases one will get something unique and beautiful. They make a perfect gift to someone you love or just a treat for yourself. One bag in in this set will contain a charm necklace worth \u00a358 RRP. This edition a total of ten lucky bags. When they are gone they\u2019re gone!Be lucky :)All designs are the property of Miss S Jones and Hoolala \u00a92020What are people saying about Hoolala?'Unique and beautiful - your stuff is amazing!''So much nicer than anything the high street has to offer.''Your gimcrackery is legendary!''Rocks harder than Motorhead!', pot luck

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