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recycled earrings, You Pick Post Back Buttons and Fimo Handmade OOAK



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thanks for checking out the upcycled and handmade creations from\r\rThis is a YOU PICK Listing of Button earrings :) all are upcycled buttons, reclaimed, recycled, and some vintage. They are glued to Post Earrings - some with a large disk back some with a small on. There are also some amazing abalone shell chips used.\r\rThese are silver plated nickle posts, but special requests for hypo allergenic materials can be made\r\rJust describe them to me based on the pictures :) or the following;\rsunburst handmade fimo in orange and yellow and black\rmatte marron buttons no holes\rpurple buttons with holes\rabalone chips large\rabalone chips small\rrainbow fimo \rLarge black buttons\rLarge maroon buttons\r\rthis item ships free with any other purchase!!\rtthanks for supporting handmade!, upcycled earrings

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