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leather bracelet, SALE! Stalking Zombies Eat Brains embroidered and silk screened linen on leather wrist strap



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I created these wrist straps with machine embroidered Zombies and hand silk screened "Eat Brains" on linen, which is then sewn onto leather to provide a rugged and durable wrist strap.\r\rI choose leathers for their comfort and durability on the wrist, and the silk screen ink on the linen will not wear off or discolor, and should last for years. \r\rEach strap is unique--by nature of hand creation, as well as choice of thread colors and position of each zombie, which are stitched one at a time. Some are embroidered on a taupe linen, or a coarser khaki-tan linen, or black linen. The printing is usually black, but one or two are with red ink on khaki, or white ink on black, and a few versions are currently one or two zombies or with no printing. \r\rVariations are in stock are shown in the second image, options 1-8, and the third image is options 9-11. Variation 6-b is not pictured, but is the same leather & linen, with zombies in dark to light green.\r\rThe straps are usually about 1 1/4" wide and can be sized to fit from about 5 1/2" to show the full printing, up to 9". Please convo me if you are interested in a custom size! Options with a dimension are currently sized, and they can only be made smaller by 1/2" or more. \r\rPlease list your wrist size when you order! I will adjust the position of the snap to add "ease" for fit, so the distance between snaps is about 1/2 to 3/4" longer the wrist size for comfort. High quality "dura-dot" snaps are used, with the cap coordinating with the leather color.. \r\r(The Zombie machine embroidery pattern is an Urban Threads design).\r\rShipping is quoted for a small first class box. Please let me know if you need it faster, or to ship internationally--I can do that, but will have to quote when I know specific weight., leather cuff

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