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foodie, JUNK FOOD JUNKIE Artisanal Charm Bracelet



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For lovers of junk food (both covert and overt), this beautiful charm bracelet is sure to please. Loaded with colorful beads of ceramic, acrylic, Czech glass, hearts, vintage, and lampwork, it features six pewter charms including a popcorn, garlic, hot pepper, cookie jar, hotdog on a fork, and a chocolate bar. Joining these are plastic charms of a hamburger, ice cream cone, pizza, taco, and hot dog, all of which are handmade by me out of hard, durable, but lightweight plastic. The image is one side only and coated with a protective matte sealer. \r\rThe colors of the bracelet pay homage to ketchup and mustard, with a dash of relish.\r\rApproximately 8" in length, it is silver-plated rolo chain with a toggle closure. \r\rNOTE: Each item I offer is an individually handcrafted, miniature work of art and should be treated as such. Plastic charms, though coated with four layers of acrylic sealer are not waterproof, and because they are plastic should not be exposed to heat, steam, fire or flame. Do not wear in the bath, sauna, or when involved in sports., pizza

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