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Put an original touch to the house keys with this keychain made up of 3 parts, one of them with 7 pieces of colored pencils, another with a pencil of about 3-4 cm and another bead to choose: symbols of peace, crosses, colored balls , stars...a multitude of options available!.All attached under a larger wooden ball and a traditional keychain closure.Choose the pencil color you like best and the trinket you'd like to include.Available Colors of pencils1. Navy blue2. Light blue3. Turquoise4. Green "grass"5. Light green6. Bottle Green7. Military green8. Pink gum9. Dark fuchsia10. Purple11. Red12. Orange13. Light Orange14. Mustard15. Yellow16. Grey17. White18. Dark Brown19. Light Brown20. Black* Each piece is made according to order, totally by hand and with much MIMO. Please note the colors may vary slightly from how they look on the monitor., gifts

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