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Swirly Striped Dome Boho Pendant Necklace With African Colorsartistic pendant, Hand Crafted



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A swirly striped striped pendant with African colors, hand crafted and boho chic. This pendant is a shiny, hand crafted dome of polymer clay, dangling on a simple cord necklace. The copper and mixed reddish hues contrast against a swirl of stripes. Clay cane work created this abstract pattern, featuring reddish, copper and gold pearlescent clay with black and ecru lines. The colors and design of this necklace have sort of a tribal look, very bohemian chic. I sanded and polished this round dome until it gleamed. For further enhancement I gave it a coat of water based polyurethane gloss. The two methods combined gave me the shiniest result. The leaf-backing bail is secured to the clay with an industrial strength adhesive (E-6000). I trimmed this not quite perfectly round, dome pendant with color coordinating wood beads-ones that would compliment it without taking away. I strung it on thick, dark brown cotton cord.This necklace measures 18 inches at its shortest, adjusting up to 22 inches. It fastens with a brass lobster claw clasp and chain., hand crafted pendant

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