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brown, The Butterfly Garden - ECO-friendly Glass Photo Necklace



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Beautiful & graceful, \rVaried & enchanting, \rSmall but approachable,\rButterflies lead you to the sunny side of live,\rand everyone deserves a little sunshine.\r\r-- Jeffrey Glass Berg --\r\r\rThis is a collaboration piece by FaniSong and Irene Suchocki - check out her Etsy shop http:\\/\\/www.irenesuchocki.\r\rExpress your love of art and nature with this striking glass photo jewelry made from recycled glass and nature photos.\r\rWhy is it called ECO-friendly? \rBecause it is made from 100% recycled glass.\rIt is stylish, artsy and nature friendly. Being stylish and nature conscious in the same time... why not?\rLet\u2019s nature speaks of our style and being GREEN.\r\rThe original photo is fused in the glass. Photo becomes part of the glass and will never just come off. Necklace is finished with sterling silver plated bail and a multi-strand ribbon cotton cord. \r\rEach piece is proudly designed and handcrafted by Fani in her studio in Toronto area. It is also limited in edition to keep its uniqueness, only 200 pieces for each picture\\/image... and every piece is signed and number. \r\rNote: glass pendant is waterproof, but it is not a good idea to immerse any jewellery into water.\r\r\rMeasurement:\r- Glass pendant is 1x1" (not includes bail)\r- Necklace length is 17" \r\r\rChoose the CORD's COLOR or we will choose one for you:\r- Beige\r- Blue Sky\r- Blue Navy\r- Black\r- Brown Dark (almost cocoa)\r- Brown Gold\r- Grey\r- Green\r- Orange\r- Pink Fuschia\r- Pink Pastel\r- Purple Pastel\r- Red\r- Yellow\r- White\r\r\rThanks for looking and happy shopping.\r~Fani~\r., butterfly

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