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For the man who doesn\u2019t like to wear jewelry, here\u2019s our BEST DAD KEY CHAIN, in Camouflage.\r\rThere isn\u2019t a man I know that doesn\u2019t have some camouflage in his wardrobe! \r\rWhether Dad is a hunter, a hiker, an outdoorsman, military guy \u2013 or just someone with the Y chromosome -- camouflage is always a favored pattern, and never goes out of fashion. \r\rOur camouflage colors are those of the rich, deep colors of the forest, with bright gold lettering.\r\rThe key chain, like the dog tag, is made from the highest quality metal \u2013 same as is used in the enduring, solid medals given to our military heroes. \r\rThe raised gold colored lettering has the same bright stars and \u201cBest Dad Ever\u201d lettering of our Original Daddy Decoration. It announces to the world that this guy is special!\r\rOn the back of each key chain is an engraving pad so you can personalize this special gift with a name or a sentiment. And our DaddyDecorations tm trademark assures you that it is an authentic Daddy Decoration., camouflage

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