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pendant, Golden Brown Wooden Bead and Stoneware Pendant Necklace



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This listing is for Great natural necklace with fun wooden beads. The beads give a substantial look but are so lightweight for the size. The Pendant is one of my stoneware pendants with a woven texture overlayed with a clay strip which has two stained glass fused sections. The glass sections are green and a golden orange. The Necklace measures 19 inches and the pendant is around 2 inches round or 4.8cmThis Pendant was made from stoneware clay and fused with recycled industrial waste glass. The Piece itself has been fused with Stained Glass during the Kiln-firing process. I have combined many kinds of glass (clear, opaque, milky, and different colors) The Glasses become liquid and bleed into each other in the kiln swirling ands blending at the edges. Finally as I cool the kiln the glass fractures and crackles but with a smooth glass top. The crackling refracts light and glistens in the sun.Thanks for looking and thanks for buying handmade!Check out my facebook page, ArtisanClayAnd Kristie Ann\u2019s Artisan Clay Bead and Art Sale Group\u2014- I know that\u2019s a mouthful. Right now I\u2019m mostly selling pendants/beads/cabochons and wall hangings during once a month timed Facebook trunk shows. The groups listed above will have announcements for the shows and instructions on how to become an approved buyer., ceramic

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