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Flying Eagles Shadowbox Bracelet in Sterling Silvermexican, Taxco Mexico with Hinge and Safety Chain Signed and Stamped



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This bracelet was handmade by a skilled artisan. Stamped with the maker's code number TL-59, MEXICO, and 925 for sterling silver.\rOne sheet of silver was carefully cut to create the outlines of little eagles in flight, wings spread high, and then curved into a dome. This was then soldered onto a flat sheet with the inside blackened for contrast. The push-clasp is nicely made and secure, and the hinge is in excellent condition. \rSafety chain allows for an opening of almost 3" to accommodate most hands. When closed, the opening measures just a hair under 2 1/2" across and 2 1/4" from the hinge to the clasp. It is slightly oval to better fit the wrist, though you can barely tell from looking. \rI'd say this is slightly smaller than standard bangles without hinges. \rBeautiful workmanship, well made and timeless. \rModel not included. Get your own., antique

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